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From: Josh w-

"I had severe Shoulder pain and pain in my lower back that affected my life for about 6 years. Some days I couldn't work, some days it was hard to even lift things.  My orthopedic doctor suggested injections, and medical massage with Courtney in New Port Richey . I'd seen other massage therapists with no results.  Courtney's massage was different, she was able to help me gain more mobility, a lot less pain and a quality of life that I been looking for for a long time.  It took many sessions to fix the problem, and now I see her once or twice a month for maintenance. I'm a contractor so I'm usually hurting from lifting heavy material.  Medical massage therapy targets the root of my muscle pains and dysfunction.  Courtney is highly skilled in medical massage and is very knowledgeable about health in general. And she gives great advice." Josh- Holiday,fl

From: Judy M- medical massage

"When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1997, my doctor told me that exercise and moving my body would help me.  And it did…until I had 2 pretty bad accidents in 2005 which resulted in a herniated disk in my lower back, torn rotator cuff and injury to my knees.  For my back and shoulder, Doc prescribed physical therapy and cortisone injections.  For my knees, surgery was what was needed.    But none of my doctors had told me that medical massage was an option for reducing pain.  Instead, I was referred to a pain specialist who prescribed pain meds.  Since I had always put my faith in conventional medicine, I accepted that my doctors were telling me the best way to take care of my problems and I didn’t consider massage therapy on my own.  But when a friend of mine told me it might help, I thought “what have I got to lose”.  I was still skeptical, but after years of daily pain, increasingly difficult days getting out of bed and “warming up” before I could walk, I decided that I would try it. 

That’s when I found Courtney in New Port Richey .  I was amazed at the change in my life.  I’ve been on a regular schedule of massage every other week for the past 2 months and now I have significantly less pain.  It also takes me less time to get moving in the morning.  It helps my fibromyalgia so the pain I feel during the night is less, allowing me to finally sleep longer than a couple hours at a time.  And maybe best of all is that I’ve been able to reduce the amount of narcotic medication that I take!  I am still facing knee replacements, but Courtney’s post-surgical massages will also help me get through that.   I wish I had known earlier how much of a difference medical massage makes and I feel like yelling to world so everyone who suffers from chronic pain realizes that there is another option.  It’s not just for relaxing. It’s a real treatment for physical problems. Because of Courtney my life is so much better. " Judy-Port Richey

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